Invest in yourself

With summer slowly passing through and the new academic year approaching fast, many people will be thinking about their next steps in life. This could be their next year in school, going to university for the first time or getting back into the flow of working, after spending some time with their family and friends.... Continue Reading →

A change of mindset

Have you ever found yourself feeling really down and upset about situations you can't change? Or feeling like you aren't in control of your own life or future? That decisions are being made for you and you just kinda go along with it? Maybe you aren't trying your best and are just complacent with your... Continue Reading →

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Put yourself first

Putting others people feelings, wishes and needs before your own is a selfless act we are all encouraged to do, it helps to open your mind to new ways of thinking and understanding other people. This is GREAT to do! Sometimes when we do this enough we can forget to understand our own situations and... Continue Reading →

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Diet or lifestyle choice?

With summer fast approaching and gyms offering those 'transformation' packages to get that summer body you desperately want to look cute on holiday, people (mainly girls) will think about dieting. Dieting can be quite a controversial topic, especially if you are wanting to crash diet. Many will often turn to Instagram models or fitness models... Continue Reading →

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Confessions of an addict

The urgency. Anxiousness. Restlessness until we can satisfy our cravings again. The constantly worrying and being stressed when we can't fulfill this for a period of time. It's more than just a want, it's a need. A burning desire from deep within. Stopping these addictions is more than saying no, it's having to battle against... Continue Reading →

You have so much potential

'you have so much potential' those infamous words people tell you that give you that little glimmer of hope. That make you think, actually i could be really good at this! I can't even remember how many times I've heard those words said either to me or about me. It makes me wonder, do people... Continue Reading →

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Hunt Fitness 30 Challenge Review

#GoalSmashRepeat!  For those of y'all reading this that know me, you'll know I am a slight fitness addict. Most of those 30 day challenges out these I have probably tried - squat challenge? Ab challenge? done them all and lets be honest, unless you're just getting into fitness these things don't tend to work. That's... Continue Reading →

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To A New Life

'A new life' that cliche cheers friends and family make when starting out in a new job, buying their first home, or finally getting over that toxic relationship they stayed in for too long. Often we think of this with a 'nothing can go wrong attitude', now that's great, having a positive attitude towards your... Continue Reading →

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