Welcome to Sophieexoxs!

I’m Sophie, a 21 year old from the South East of England. Anyone who knows me will tell you I LOVE fitness and going to the gym! Throughout my posts you will notice that yes I am what some would refer to as a ‘fitness freak’ and i’m proud of that 🙂 Fitness is probably my biggest love and it does help that I care a lot about my physical appearance!

I am also an Open University student, studying Business and Management! A little different to most university students my age but I am enjoying it so far 🙂

One of my biggest life dreams is to become a fitness model, if you follow my Instagram account (sophie.fitness1) you’ll notice that I work quite hard to get the right body for this and am always learning new workouts and diet tips to help with this!

Throughout my blog posts I will be creating you will notice other aspects of life I enjoy or want to share with y’all! If you have any questions or comments for me I would love to hear from you!