Why I’m not a feminist- part 2

Hi guys,

Here is the second part to why I’m not a feminist, if you haven’t read part 1, go and check it out first here!

Before I start I would just like to clarify something which a few people got a little confused about in my first post, this may be because I did not explain it properly or it was mis-interpreted. When explaining why I don’t always agree with equal pay, this was very much referring to peoples abilities and skill set and not at all related to anyone’s gender. Neither male or female shjould be paid more to do a job just because of their gender, this should be all down to their ability, their initiative, drive, skill set and their attitude. Equally I also do not agree with positive discrimination, because someone is still being discriminated against even with the best intentions.

The problem with modern day feminism

Modern day feminism goes beyond males and females being equal, this is shown very much as females are superior and should be more than what men are seen to be. Feminism is all about being EQUAL to men, not better but equal. The majority of what I see about modern day feminism is that women should be superior to men, but why? Men and women are very different, should we have equal opportunities? If both deserve it and are fit for the role then yes, but does that mean that we have to do the same thing in exactly the same way? NO.

As I mentioned in my previous post all about pay, the opportunities presented to us should be earned, and not given to anyone. I have seen far too many posts and tweets insinuating that if you are a female, you should only speak positively about feminism because we have a passport, a right to vote, and freedom of speech. Now those kind of posts is what puts me off of supporting feminism. We have those rights because of where we live and the culture in which we grow up in.

Do girls really support each other?

Another main aspect of feminism is the supporting and uplifting of other females which is great if its actually done. But more often than not all I actually see and hear is other girls bringing each other down and bullying each other. These are the same girls who preach feminism. A bit backwards right? Bullying your friends for their mental state, for their fashion choices, academic or other ability or simply because you dont like how they look or their opinions is completely the opposite of feminism! I see this far too often for this to just be a minority thing. If someone else has a different opinion to you and you decide to respond negatively, are you really preaching feminism? Your friend has depression and you decide to just leave them and talk about their personal problem to everyone else? Again, completely the opposite of what feminism is.

That girl whose a different religion, ethnic background or sexuality to you? Are you really still supporting them or are you making little comments in the corner about them, thinking they don’t notice? They probably do and that is DEFINITELY NOT supporting each other!

So next time you decide to ‘attack’ others for any of these reasons, or for not calling themselves a feminist, just think about if you are really supporting this movement or if you’re one of the many degrading this word. I am all for equality, if everyone are actually equal and no one is better than the other.

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11 thoughts on “Why I’m not a feminist- part 2”

  1. I totally agree with this. Some people take it to extremes and discriminate against men and that doesn’t solve the issue of inequality. Men and women are different, we have different bodies and generally we have different physical capabilities and a lot of the time the same can be said about emotional capabilities but instead of always making it about men vs women or one being more superior than the other, why can’t we learn to embrace that we are different and celebrate it?

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  2. Totally agree with you on girls not supporting other girls! I have barely ever been ostracised or bullied by boys/men, they usually have always been the better friends to me. I’ve only really ever been bullied by other girls/women.. which is sad and has made me wary about feminism.
    Thanks for speaking out about a hard topic to talk about!

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