Why I am not a feminist – part 1

Hi guys!

I asked on twitter for which post y’all would like to see from me and this one was by far the most popular! This post is going against most peoples views and so I do expect I will lose a lot of followers from this but, I also think a lot of people would be surprised with how much of this they may agree with. 🤷🏻‍♀️ This is quite a wide topic and therefore I will split this into two posts as to not write too much of an essay for y’all!

Lets go!

What is feminism?

From what I understand (and please, correct me if I am wrong) but this involves equal rights of the sexes. Yes equal rights, not that women are superior or dismissing men but equal.

Equal pay

Let’s start with this as it’s one of the main issues I have. First of all no one is exactly the same!

Let’s have a look at professional sports where equal pay should not be a thing, period. Tennis is the leading sport to my knowledge which is now offering men and women equal prize money for winning, seems fair play right? Well men need to complete in 5 sets opposite to women competing in 3 sets. But will earn the same winnings? Now to me, this is very wrong ❌ how this now looks is that men are playing 2 extra sets, which can take hours longer to finish, than women, but not being paid for this? OR, women are simply being over paid?

Another one which a lot of people have a problem with; football. Now do the men earn far too much? HELL YES! But should the women earn the same? Let’s think about why men make so much more first. The amount of tickets, merchandise, sponsorship and TV time they bring to each club is FAR MORE than any women will bring. So once again, if a female football player would be earning the same as a male then they are either being more overpaid than the top male footballers or, the men are being exploited and being underpaid by millions almost.

Now, everyone is entitled to their own opinion but I really struggle to understand how these two major examples should be considered for equal pay?

Let’s take it back to the ‘real world’

In an every day job where there is a salary should men and women get paid the same? Perhaps not.

Firstly are they going for the same job? Maybe? If not, why not? Is it that the opportunity it not equal or is it simply then men and women do not want the same role or are not qualified for the same role?

If there is a standard salary for a job then yes of course everyone would be paid the same, and that right is protected under UK law. If there is a salary range, then no, maybe the pay would not be the same. As I said right at the start of this no two people are exactly the same. This means everyone has their own unique set of skills, qualifications, career drive, personality traits, and some may show their desire and abilities stronger in an attempt to move further forwards than others. Because of all of these different factors which should be considered, then no, I don’t believe that there is a justified argument for this. If someone shows more desirable skills and drive than another person then they deserve that higher pay, regardless of which gender they are.

Men are often seen as more of the ‘money makers’ as many women will choose to take time off work or not work up the career leader due to having children and wanting to spend more time with them each day. This is completely their choice, equally men are entitled to do this while the women go back to work and focus on their career. Every person has this exact same choice, some parents will choose to send their children to nursery or hire a child minder while both parents work full time, which again is completely their choice. This is however another factor which needs to be considered, their choice when going to work and which jobs people apply for, not so much the pay difference.

One final aspect on this subject which I feel should be mentioned, hiring people due to their gender, background, religion or ethnicity. While companies may feel pressured to hire all these different groups to help with their stats and how their company look through their numbers, their main concern from a business perspective should be simply, who is the right person for the job. The right person for the job should depend on work experience, qualifications, their passion for the company and role and what they can add to the table. This is also another law created within the UK to protect these rights. If, however someone is hired due to any of these factors, that goes against all equal rights and then well, are we actually equals?

I’ll stop part 1 of why I am not a feminism here, so no. I do not agree with equal pay, UNLESS IT IS A STANDARD SALARY


Until next time,


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Let me know your thoughts on this topic below and if you agree with any of what I said ☺️

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32 thoughts on “Why I am not a feminist – part 1”

  1. This is such an interesting topic isn’t it? I think you’ve clearly stated your thought without being offensive which is a well done to you as this subject can sure touch a nerve with some people. I agree with a lot of your points although I feel if women’s football was given the media attention as much as men’s then the ladies could earn the same. Katie Taylor has come a long way in the boxing ring so I think women in male orrientated sport is on the rise and will soon become as popular.
    This was a great read. Have a lovely weekend.
    Kate x

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    1. Thank you so much! I think this is such an important topic which is only viewed in a specific way and any other way is wrong
      Females are coming such a long way to being shown in the same way but still have a long way to go before they really will be equals xx

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  2. This is quite a tough topic not going to lie and to be honest i don’t really have an opinion. well actually i have never thought about it but this post definitely helped and gave me some insight of why you don’t support feminism if that makes sense.

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  3. Thank you for this post! It’s so hard to explain this to people who refuse to listen. Feminism is such a big deal right now that people aren’t even thinking for themselves. I’m on the same mindset as you when it comes to this.

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  4. I think this is such a tricky situation to comment on because as you said, every single person is different! Even two women of the same age in the same workplace who started training at the same time, if one of them has 3 kids and the other has 0 within 10 years of both working there then they would likely no longer be at the same places in their career. Though, again, not always the case!!! It’s soooo tricky lol. BUT what I wouldn’t agree with would be if a male and a female with same experience and qualification and apply for the same job, and the male gets offered more money just for that reason. x

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    1. Oh of course I completely agree your point they shouldn’t get offered a higher salary on their gender alone, but often there will be more to the reason than their gender, well there should be! X
      Thank you for your comment 😚

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  5. I agree with you on some points but I have to disagree on equal pay in standard jobs. I don’t deserve to be paid less if I’m doing the same job just because I’m not a man and I have had this happen. I do not have less skills as a woman, and if I can apply and get the same job as a man then it should be equal pay if we are doing the same work

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  6. I agree with you on some points but I have to disagree on equal pay in standard jobs. I don’t deserve to be paid less if I’m doing the same job just because I’m not a man and I have had this happen. I do not have less skills as a woman, and if I can apply and get the same job as a man then it should be equal pay if we are doing the same work

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    1. Oh completely, I was referring to either gender in that section, if you are showing more potential and better skills than your male counter part then you should of course be on a higher pay.


  7. Well-written and thought-out Sophie. I see where you’re coming from with your points, particularly equal pay in Tennis. Whilst I’m not hugely knowledgeable on the whole feminism debate, one area that needs more of a look in is nightclub culture: there are nightclubs out there that do “ladies free entry” rules and disguise it as “promo” but guys have to pay for access to the same hospitality and facilities (e.g. drinks from bar, music, toilets, dancefloors etc.). Mind you, entry to nightclubs in big cities like London where I live aren’t cheap. In the modern-day it’s very backwards and I think it needs to go altogether. Women are in a position where they don’t have to rely on men to look after them and are working also.

    Johnny | Johnny’s Traventures

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    1. Oh completely! I will be addressing more points like this in part 2, where women will want equal rights but will also still expect to be paid for and have all these benefits
      Thank you for your comment ☺️


  8. I have a lot to say on this topic too and I’m glad you brought up wages because in the US a lot of ‘feminists’ complain about the wage gap. I think the wage gap is now around $0.76 to the dollar that women make compared to men. Now, statistics don’t lie, but the interpretation is wrong. A lot of people take this to say that women make less than men because of unjust biases. I think that’s a load of bs. 1. In general, men are more inclined to negotiate salary than women. 2. Women often take maternity leave. 3. Men are more inclined to do more physically demanding jobs that pay more because of how physically demanding they are. It irks me that some women don’t understand that men and women will never get ‘equal’ treatment because ‘equal’ treatment is unfair to at least one party. What we really need to focus on is treating people fairly and giving opportunities based on each person’s abilities. Great post!

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  9. I agree that pay should be based on your ability to do a job (along with experience etc). The issue is that wemon are still not paid the same as men when they are doing the same job at the same standard. I know this isn’t the case for every profession, but just because a female footballer doesn’t bring in as much money as a male football, doesn’t mean she’s not as skilled as he is. That’s down to society views not how well she does her job.
    An interesting read though. Made me think!

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    1. I do understand the view of that towards women’s football which is why I included it because while they may be doing the same job and to the same standard perhaps. The money that footballers bring into the club through their merchandise sales, sponsorship, TV time also needs to be considered which is considerably more than that of their female counterparts. If women’s football did become to the same level as men’s football in those terms then absolutely they should deserve the same pay. I would just like to add within this post I am referring more to the top clubs and the lower league clubs should have much closer wages


  10. The reason women’s sport doesn’t bring in as much money as men’s sport is because of ingrained institutional sexism. In tennis, by giving equal prizes, they are levelling the playing field. That’s my understanding of it, basically women shouldn’t be punished simply for being women in a patriarchal society


      1. So the issue people have with equal prize money is that the men and women are not playing equally. Men play 5 sets and often for much longer opposed women playing 3, making equal prize money unfair towards men


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