Top tips for the start of a new term/ job

Hi guys,

I know I was going to try and start blogging a bit more again and well, haven’t… but here is a new post for you with hopefully a few good tips to help you out!

The end of August is quickly coming with September just around the corner and for many that means, the start of a new term of the start of a new job. For me, its the start of both! As you may know I study for a Business and Management degree with The Open University (read my thoughts on studying with them here), I have just received the books for my next module which means long evenings for months on end await me 🙄🙄. What most people will not know however, I am just about to start a brand new job also which will leave me only a couple of weeks of settling in before I have to stay every night  trying to study.

Here are a few of my top tips for preparing yourself for this new start!

  1. BE YOURSELF! If there is anything that will help you settle in and enjoy your experience more its being yourself! You’ll change your style, your opinions, your alcohol choices (yes, I’m looking at all you uni students here) and many more things but always be yourself with it.
  2. Get to know your role. Staring a new position of company can be very daunting, one of the easiest ways to help with this is to have an understanding of what you are going into. Look into the company and what they do, what is your role in the company and what can you bring to this? Equally with a new term, have a look into the subject you are about to start. Think about what you find interesting about this subject and how will you stay motivated?
  3. Plan what you will need. Planning ahead can really make yourself feel more comfortable. Plan the type of outfits you are going to wear, what you will take to class/ work. (Are you really going to go to class without a notebook or a pen?). How you’re going to get there even! I have started planning for my new role. Yes a new bigger bag that I can take my lunch and some books in.
  4. Do not forget the essentials. This could be different for everyone however there are a few essentials I will rarely leave the house without: hand sanitizer, lip balm and often a lipstick of gloss to go with it, hand cream (no one likes having dry rough hands), gum or at least mints, floss (yes I do carry floss around with me) and of course my phone which means I will always have money too (if there’s any in my account of course).
  5. HAVE FUN! If you’re not going to have fun or enjoy yourself, should you really be there? Your experience will be so much more enjoyable and you will take a lot more out of it if you have fun. People will notice this and will feel more comfortable  being around you and talking to you!


Let me know if you found these tips helpful and any other helpful ones you think of in the comments below!


Until next time,



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15 thoughts on “Top tips for the start of a new term/ job”

  1. I also study with the OU, though I’m just doing an Open Degree specialising in Arts. These tips are so good for so many different things; although I don’t work, I feel I can use these tips for my study mornings at coffee shops. Thank you.xx

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