Why have I not been blogging recently?

I’m back again guys!

Well, sort of… Hi again guys 👋🏻

While I have a bit of free time again now I thought I would write a little update as to why I sudddenly stopped blogging, and what I am planning to do with sophieexoxs.com. 

Is my life really that interesting?

If you have read some of my other posts or follow me on social media then you will know as well as working full time, I also study for a university degree part time doing businesses and management (check out my review of studying with the Open University here). After my last post back at the start of April 😱 I had 2 big assignments back to back which made up about 85% of my final grade!

As you can probably imagine that took up a whole lotta time, effort and energy every day. Turns out my final grade for this module was a 2:1 which I guess you could say was pretty good considering 🤓

Now this module finished in May I believe so why did I not post anything new since then?

So I can’t quite remember if I ever wrote a post about me getting a new job and working full time or not but I moved from working shifts in a pub to working normal hours in an office – sitting down all day (something I really do not like the idea of!) Moving into this job and all my studying made me going and enjoying the gym a whole lot harder! So much so, that for almost a month I was not going expect maybe once a week and even gave up PT. Now I very strongly believe that there is ZERO point in having a PT when you are not going to the gym and being consistent with your workouts, and your eating alone. They are there to enhance your workouts and to push you that extra step, not do the workouts for you or be there to motivate you for an hour a week.

I am still struggling getting back into the gym and actually feeling my muscles working as they should with most of my workouts but they are getting better again. I’m not too bothered with my eating at the moment, mainly because I have been getting a lot of reactions to foods at the moment, so much so that I am completely cutting out milk from my diet and most things with gluten – oh yes that makes eating so much fun sometimes!

But you’ve been enjoying the sun though right?

Ha! Well!

So I have also just come back from 2 holidays – lucky me right?

Well… So the first holiday was a family holiday to Zante – yes, you read that right! A family holiday to ZANTE! You would think this would be full of sun, sea, cocktails and sleeping. WRONG. This is a whole post in itself! (Let me know if you would like a post on this below) Now. This holiday consisted of THUNDERSTORMS every day almost, an earthquake, and about 2 days of actual sun 🙃!

The Second holiday was actually last weekend, a long weekend in Dublin with my grandparents for their birthday presents 🎁! Cute right ☺️.

With the endless heatwave the UK has seen recently you must be thinking that it was beautiful and sunny here too? Again, WRONG. Yes, of course it rained while I was there! Despite the rain, and the god Awful service trying to get the car we booked, this was actually a really cute weekend with my grandparents. DEFFB554-83C4-411C-B2CC-0F995DB98782 I didn’t really get any photos of either of these two holidays because well, there wasn’t too much to get a picture of that was very interesting to be honest. 57866243-4978-40BC-89F2-2B3EF6F3BAAD

SO what’s next for Sophieexoxs?

Well I start my next module in September/ October. What people don’t always realise is how much time and work needs to go into blogging to be successful or to get the page views that they want (despite what a lot of bloggers may say on twitter, everyone wants to get page views and wants their posts to be seen by others). I am going to try and start posting again but maybe just once or twice a month. This way I should still have plenty of time to do this, and my studies as well as spending all the time I want with Lee ❤️

If you have any requests on what you want me to post next, or more detailed posts about my trips away so far this year then let me know!


Until next time,

Sophieexoxs ☺️


Check out my other posts and the links to my social media and let me know what y’all think! Xxx


Twitter: Sophieexoxs

Instagram: Sophieexoxs

7 thoughts on “Why have I not been blogging recently?”

  1. I’m about to be in the same boat! I work full time and go back to school part time next month. I’m kind of nervous because I know I won’t have hardly any time to blog but it’s important to me to keep it up. So wish me luck lol.
    I’d love to see a Trip post from you and good luck to you also ; )

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Good luck! What are you about to study? It will be tough but there can be a balance, for most of my last module I managed to really successfully grow my blog and get a distinction in my assignments 🤗🤗

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I work part-time and go to Uni full-time so I understand why you find it difficult, I’m hoping to try and schedule loads of posts before I start back in September so I can keep content going up! x

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Have you tried scheduling tweets? I did that while I was on holiday and knew I wouldn’t have time to tweet all day. And it really helped keep my view counts up x

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I used to do that for a while actually and it worked really well, I like to be active while I tweet sometimes though and I was finding that the scheduling was taking up quite a lot of time too x


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