April goals

Hi guys!

So last month I did a March goals and it was one of my most successful posts so far! I thought I would do it again this month. I really like these kinds of posts as they help you to keep track of your goals and also to reflect on the last month.

How my March goals went…

– Twitter: My goal was 1200 followers -✅ I ended up on 1318 followers ☺️ I find Twitter is by far the easiest social media platform to up your followers on, as well as up your engagement!

– My blog – My goal was 200 followers – ❎I ended up on 169 followers. This has been far a slower month on here for me with me not posting as much and spending a lot of my time writing assignments for my University course (you can read my thoughts on studying with the Open University here)

Instagram – My goal was 700 followers; this was a massive jump up from my previous monthly goal – ❎I ended up on 620 followers. Again I have not been posting too much on here or engaging as well as I would like to. When I originally set this goal all of my posts were doing really well with likes, comments and follows. These have been a lot lower during this month.

Fitness instagram – my goal was 800 followers again – ✅ I ended up on 804. This account for me is the HARDEST to grow! When I first started it up and over the last year I had managed to grow it quite well and consistently new followers, plus lots of likes and comments on my posts. Due to being really ill not too long ago this has slowed down massively.

Fitness goals

– Go to the gym 5X a week – ✅ At the start of the month and for almost half of it I was still very much suffering with my illness. Luckily this has seemingly gone away now and towards the end of the month I was back training properly and consistently again.

– Complete 5 unassisted pull ups – ✅ at 11am on 31st March I thought I would try this again and I managed it! I have not been practicing this nearly as much as I would like to but I am still happy to have reached this goal 🤗

– Attend 1 spin class a week – ❎ This is something I have tried to book into EVERY WEEK! The gyms I attend can both be booked into a week in advance. This makes it very difficult to attend a class as the ones I can go to are always fully booked straight away. While I would like to keep attending spin classes, this is not something I can attempt to do weekly.

– Run for 10 mins straight – ✅ Another last-minute tick. I completely forgot March had 31 days and when I realised that I was off to the gym at around midday determined to complete this goal too! I found this a lot easier to complete than I thought I would ☺️

April goals!

Social media:

– Blog: 220 – I think this is a challenging yet achievable goal to set myself for next month. I have a few plans for different blog posts I want to write and my Twitter growth will really help me to reach this goal.

– Twitter:  -1700 – Sophieexoxs –  I have found this is quite easy for me to grow, I am going to set this quite high this time to make sure I am staying active on there and remembering to schedule my tweets.

– Instagram – 750 – Sophieexoxs – This is very hit-or-miss for me at the moment. I have decided I want to start combining both of my accounts to just this one which is why there is such a big jump in my goal. Since following a lot of people from my fitness instagram account and posting one photo, I have seen a big jump in followers already.


– I want to keep improving my cardio and be able to run for 2km. This puts me on a more focused goal towards running 5km in the year.

– Get my definition back – most notably in my upper body. Before my injury last year I used to get several comments on the definition in my triceps and this is something I really want to work at getting back.

– 8 unassisted pull ups – still going towards my year-end-goal of a muscle up, I really need to keep working on my pull ups. This will also help increase the definition in my upper body.


This month I am going to focus this goal on my University studies. I only have one more Tutor Marked Assignment left and I’m determined to get another distinction in it. Most of this month will be spent planning and writing my next assignment.

What are your goals for April?

Until next time,


Check out my other posts, the rest of my site and let me know what y’all think! 🙂 xx

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36 thoughts on “April goals”

  1. Oh wow, you did really well with so many of your goals?! I’m finding Twitter more difficult to grow recently – I’ve been floating around 1,500 for what seems like forever but I can’t seem to gain even if I post more reguarly! My goal for April is to overcome that figure and continue to grow hopefully.. 🙊

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    1. I’m sure you will get past that in no time 🙂 I find engaging with people more really attracts people to follow you and stay following you and post a few times a day


  2. Congrats on the 5 unassisted pull ups! Girl that is amazing, I can’t even manage one!! Really love the content of this post, it’s a brilliant way to analysis and round off the month! Good luck with all your goals this month! Xxx


  3. I love this post! I always try my best to set goals, although I’ve never thought to set social media followers goals but I love the idea! It’s good to have something to strive towards. My main goal for April is probably to spend more time outdoor now that the weather is slowly getting nicer.
    Zara xx

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  4. Impressed by how you’ve broken down your goals into different categories relevant to your personal and blogging life! Organisation ftw!

    Johnny | The Travel Connoisseur


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  5. This is such an inspiring post! It’s great that you are not afraid to write about not only the goals you achieved but the goals you failed – that takes guts! 😀 This has motivated me to start my own monthly goals 😀 Thanks for posting!
    -Poppy ❤ ❤ ❤

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