What have I been doing lately?

Hi guys,

This is a slightly different type of post this time, a bit of a life update really.

So if you read my March Goals you will know I was quite ill for a while which is why I was not hitting my fitness goals. This is still very much something I am suffering with, some days are a lot worse than others. As a result of this I haven’t been well enough to devote as much time to my blog or my fitness or any of my other goals as much as I would like to have. We still aren’t really sure what’s actually wrong with me, I could be developing an intolerance to something but there doesn’t seem to be any correlation to what is making me ill so far. I have also been on acid reducing tablets since this started. The initial diagnosis was – my stomach was swollen with a build up of acid; either these tablets are not strong enough at all or there is another reason why I have this build up of acid. Being ill with acid sickness and stomach pains is just horrible 🤢 The only thing I can describe the feeling and pain as is – similar to having food poisoning.

Something else in that post I mentioned was – I have a new job 🤗🤗🤓 I now work in a Monday – Friday 8-4:30 office job which is super exciting for me, the first time I’ve ever worked in an office or have had my own desk with my own mug. 13557FFE-3617-4FDF-BE6D-6B395020E16E Of course it’s a heat changing Harry Potter mug guys 😍🤗💁 although I have also come to discover that this is apparently not supposed to go in the dishwasher 🙄☹️.

I never realised how tired being sat at a desk all day looking at a computer will make you; this is definitely something that has taken a bit of time to get used to as opposed to being on my feet walking around all day lifting things for a living or living in the gym (AKA my second home). The days I feel fine I make sure I am in the gym and have upped my cardio to make up for the lack of moving around each day.

I am starting to come around to more of a routine in the evenings and weekends now; I mainly save my uni work for the weekends when I have more time to focus on doing it all and I am less tired, leaving the weekday evenings to myself and catching up on my social media, writing new posts or just generally relaxing if there isn’t a gym class I can go to.  My partner also knows his shifts in advance so we like to plan out our gym sessions together for the weekend and about when we will get to see each other. This makes dedicating my time to specific things much easier for me as well.


Until next time,



Let me know if there are any specific posts you want me to write about or which ones you like reading the most! Check out my other posts and the rest of my site and let me know what y’all think! 🙂 xxx

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9 thoughts on “What have I been doing lately?”

  1. Hi Sophie,
    It will be good if you could keep at your doctor (or doctors) until the correct diagnosis is reached.
    You are really inspiring because despite the health problems, you are not compromising on your work and your studies (while also still doing your best to hit your fitness targets, and not losing sight of your blog, your social media, and your many other interests)!
    Congrats and best wishes!
    Jerome and Lucy.

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    1. Thank you! I’ve found some other mediation which could help that I’ll try before I go back to the doctors. I want to try and stay active even on days when it is really bad so I can still hit my goals


  2. I can’t imagine that pain! Hope it gets better. I too have sickness that is reoccurring, but I hope it goes away. In terms of your fitness, don’t feel bad I’m the worse. Lol I need to do better in terms of my health! Great update

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  3. Going to the gym and being active after work is a huge challenge for me and I feel I have been failing miserably!
    I am a software consultant and the definition of being in front of a computer all day! Between work, my blog and my social life it’s impossible for me to find the motivation to work out! I registered for a gym membership near my boyfriend’s house so that we could go together but I am a two weeks behind…

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