The benefits of Magnesium

Hi guys!

Recently I was asked to check my magnesium levels by my chiropractor, as my muscles take a long time to heal after I work out. This is something I had never thought to consider before but since I’ve been taking taking extra tablets for them I have noticed a HUGE difference in the recovery of my muscles!

Let’s look at some of the benefits they can give you:

– Helps to convert food into energy

– Helps to create new proteins from amino acids

– Helps to create and repair DNA

– Involved in the contraction and relaxation of the muscles

– Helps to regulate your nervous system

– Studies have found this can increase your exercise performance

– While more research is required, Magnesium is linked to lower risk of depression

– Research has indicated benefits against Type 2 Diabeties

– Can be used to lower blood sugar

– Anti-inflammatory benefits

– Shown to reduce water retention

Among many other benefits! This can be found in a wide range of foods or can be sold as a separate pill form. I prefer to take mine from a pill form as this is much easier and quicker for it to get into my system without having to adjust my diet too much or consider how much is found in different forms.


Let me know if you found this useful and any other vitamins you would like me to comment on!


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16 thoughts on “The benefits of Magnesium”

  1. This is so interesting! Someone I know takes magnesium pills for period cramps and I am intrigued to test it out as I get really extreme cramps and have to take three pills daily when I get them 😑😫. With all of the other benefits on top of that I don’t see why I shouldn’t try them out haha! Thanks for this informative post 😀
    -Poppy ❤ ❤ ❤


    1. I’m not too sure on this tbh, I like to take 2-3 tablets a day depending how sore and tired my muscles are. Not not yet is that something you would b interested in?


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