Is Valentines Day worth the hype?

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, this is the time of year where people either love it or they loathe it. This has gone from a time to celebrate your partner and show your appreciation for them to an over commercialised event for retailers to take advantage of.

I have noticed Valentine’s Day seems to be geared a lot more towards the females and spoiling them with a fancy dinner, some beautiful flowers, their favourite box of chocolates and of course that little teddy that says ‘I Love You’ on it. Now don’t get me wrong, there is NOTHING WRONG with getting these for your partner, they are cute and are bound to be enjoyed but is that really what this is for?

There is that argument that yes you are supposed to show your love and appreciation to your significant other all the time not just on one day of the year, and I completely agree! Especially when you don’t have that special person to share this holiday with. However, just like birthdays and anniversaries this one day can be used to show that little extra appreciation for your partner, and give you that excuse you might be looking for to dress up extra cute and show each other off.

Stay true to your relationship and each other; just because this event is encouraging you to do something for each other, if it isn’t you, don’t do it 🙂 It’s true that it’s the smaller things that mean the most. Go out for ice cream instead of a fancy dinner or stay in and cook for each other. Give something meaningful that’s individual to each of you. But no matter if you’re celebrating this event or not just remember to show each other how much you love each other all the time ❤️ 6F6ECDC1-79CB-4BFE-BCBD-F1A4027B078A


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27 thoughts on “Is Valentines Day worth the hype?”

  1. Lovely post! This Valentine’s Day me and the boyfriend are off for a meal at an Italian place but we’re very relaxed about V day, no pressure just us doing our thing xx

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  2. The smaller things matter the most to me also! I don’t care about the crazy big things (although I’ll accept them) but it’s the thoughtful gestures that mean the most to me!

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  3. I totally agree! I feel like a lot of people go too far with Valentine’s Day. It’s super important to stay true to your relationship. Me and my fiancé aren’t big on giving each other gifts on holidays so Valentine’s Day we don’t we may go to dinner or cook something special together.

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  4. I don’t have a boyfriend so I’m not really into this Valentine’s day stuff but for me this day is just another opportunity to show how I care about people I love (my family and friends). Really enjoyed reading your post! 😊

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    1. That’s so lovely! It’s my first valentines with my Partner even though he is away but we have only got each other something small and meaningful as we always show love to each other


  5. Really nice post on remembering the importance of not getting lost in the “hype” of valentine’s Day and doing what’s best for both of you. Whether it’s having a movie night in or saving up for a weekend away instead. I agree it shouldn’t be forgotten that as long as you’re together that’s what the whole day is about x

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  6. I completely agree. Everything is so over-commercialised around valentines day! A normal box of chocolates that has ‘I love you’ on the package costs £5 more than they normally would. Also the fact that my birthday is the day before valentines day makes it even more annoying haha – lots of people have ended up giving me valentines chocolate for my birthday because they couldn’t find anything not valentines related last-minute 😂 Thanks for posting 😀
    -Poppy ❤ ❤ ❤

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