Home Workouts – full body

I am going to be creating a series of home workouts, focusing on different body parts and  types of exercise. All of these workouts will not require any weight (you can add in your own weights if you want to make it harder).

This first workouts will be a full body and will focus on muscle endurance! Perfect for those with new year goals to get fitter and exercise more!

Each exercise to be completed as many times as possible within 40 Seconds with a 20 Second rest in between.

Let’s get started!

Circuit 1

  1. Squats –  try and keep your chest up, a straight back and get as low as you can, if this causes any pain to your lower back or knees, only go down as far as is comfortable 002424FA-2975-4CD7-AD9F-BBA11998DA3B
  2. Lunges – Right leg – these can be completed any type you prefer. I like doing reverse lunges where you step back into the lunge each time. You could also do forward lunges or static lunges D156075A-7668-4363-AC02-FF267D6A2921
  3. Lunges – Left leg – as mentioned above, complete these in the same was as your previous lunges.
  4. Burpees – start in a press up position, jump your feet in to your hands then jump up  as high as you can. To make this harder you can do a push up at the start or lay down and complete a tuck jump. FD860D29-1BB2-4F5E-9659-9F25340F19CA
  5. Plank hold – This position has a very strong focus on your core, keep your hips level with your back the entire time, focus on pushing your stomach up to engage your core muscles


Rest for 1 Minute 

Circuit 2

  1. Push ups – Start of in a high plank position, slowly lower yourself down keeping your body straight until your chest is almost touching the floor. To make this easier do this from your knees, the closer your knees are to your chest the easier this exercise will be 8F6ACB9E-5CB6-48DB-80A4-3224913CADED
  2. Tricep dips – this is better completed of a higher surface. (Stairs, chair, sofa…) keep your body close to your arms and bend your arms to 90•. Never fully extend your arms at the top of this exercise.
  3. Star jumps – to make this exercise harder complete the full jump out and back in within the same jump
  4. Commando’s/ Plank push up – start in a press up position and lower yourself down one arm at a time until you are in a plank position then back up. Concentrate on keeping your core tight and now rocking each side. 5B3E6065-0656-4942-BE83-2652E302BC28
  5. Leg lifts – Lay flat on the floor, keeping your back pushed against the floor at all times. Slowly raise your legs, keeping them straight, until vertical then slowly lower them back down again


Rest for 1 minute 

Circuit 3

  1. Tuck jumps – keep your chest up and jump your knees up as high as you can, try not to add in too many jumps in between each tuck
  2. Mountain climbers – Starting in a push up position, using alternative legs, bring one knee to your chest or your opposite elbow and back. This exercise is completed as fast as you can 00514A6D-B92F-42B1-991A-B0122F43D951
  3. Crunches – Lay on the floor with your knees bent, sit up at 45• then back down. Concentrate on engaging your core
  4. Russian twists – Lay back at 45• with your knees bent, lift your feet of the floor to make this harder, slowly twist your body all the way to one side until your hands are almost touching the floor then to the other side. This exercise can have some added weight to make this harder
  5. Tuck ups – Lay on the floor with your arms and legs out straight, sit up and tuck your legs, lifting your body and your legs off the floor then back down again E510F658-B498-4F5C-A5FD-246A385E4FB4


Rest for 1 minute then complete all circuits again! 

Let me know if you try this workout out and how you found it!


Until next time,



Check out my other posts and the rest of my sight and let me know what y’all think! 🙂 xx

3 thoughts on “Home Workouts – full body”

  1. So happy to have stumbled across this very informative post (“Home Workouts – full body”) for fitness buffs and everyone in general! Happy to have found this blog site, as well!
    Jerome (on behalf of the Ovasinax team).

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  2. This looks great. I’ve recently started doing circuit workouts from home so that I can ditch my gym membership and save some money. I know they recommend changing your workouts up so I look forward to giving these a try. Thanks!

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