New Years Goals 2/2 – Lifestyle

Following on from my previous post about my New Years goals for fitness ( click here if you haven’t read that already ) here are a few things I am setting myself for the new year in general!

    1. Pay off half of my car loan – During summer this year I brought a new car, a beautiful Scirocco 😍. To help buy this car of course I took out a loan through my parents (they could get a much lower interest rate than I could for the same amount)CCF3E07E-9C18-442A-8ADD-6F70AD44EBC7 While my monthly payments aren’t too high, I am setting myself to pay off at least half of my remaining loan!
    2. Travel the world more – I LOVE going on holiday and visiting new places. This next year I am going to try and visit lots of new cities for long weekend breaks with one or two bigger holidays throughout the year. Doing it this way means it will cost me less for the holiday and I can visit more places throughout the year!
    3. Find a proper career –  This may not seem like as much of a goal than others however, I will be half way through my degree this year (Click here to read my thoughts on studying with the Open University) and want to start advancing my career to become a manager within a company I want to work for full time. This is something I have been looking to do for a long time now.
    4. Keep saving 💵 – as well as paying off lots of my loan and going travelling, I am always trying to save. By the end of this year I want to have between 5-10K, I am more hoping for the higher amount but with the extra amount I will be spending I will settle for at least 5K.
    5. And Finally, Grow my Blog! This will probably be one of the hardest ones and will take a lot of effort and promotion however this is something I want to persuit to grow into something real. This will involve a lot more time growing all my social media accounts and promoting through each one.


What what are any of your new year goals?


Until next time,



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