New year goals 1/2 – Fitness goals

Instead of doing those typical New Years resolutions no one really sticks to or pays attention to, this year I am gonna do New Year’s goals! There will be 2 parts to this; the first being more fitness related, and the second being more lifestyle!

  1. Do a muscle up 💪🏻 This is something I have wanted to do for a while now however now I am back with my PT this will defiantly be on my list of things to do
  2. Run 5k – Growing up I was always a runner and competed in races, since stopping running and getting injured my cardio has been seriously affected, this is something I am very keen to get back up to
  3. Look into competing – This time in a fitness competition! This will be a true test of will power and dedication to become stage ready, there are many details I need to look further into and get my fitness back up before I start deciding to do a competition prep
  4. Do the splits – Yes another thing I used to be really good at! And yes this is something that is almost non-existent now, having recently taken up yoga though and looking after my body, this will defiantly be a goal for the new year


While having 5 fitness goals would have been much more preferable, these goals will continuously change with my fitness levels, my main focus for the start of the year is getting my fitness back on track and fully healing after my disc injury earlier this year.

What are your fitness goals for the new year?


Until next time,



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