Getting in the Christmas spirit 🎄

There’s only a week left until Christmas so if you aren’t feeling festive, here’s a few ideas to help out!

  1. Decorations! – putting a few Christmas lights or ornaments in your room will help to feel in the mood whenever you go in them. They can just be something small or use this as a time to redecorate your room! This can be a great stress reliever as well if that’s holding you back EA93C2AD-72B7-4FBE-9193-A9EF07EF76D4
  2. Go Christmas shopping 🛍 – make a list of all the people you want to spoil this time of year and set yourself a budget for each person, most places this time of year will have sales on. Go with a friend of a family member and make a day out of it
  3. Wrapping presents – if the first two don’t make you slightly excited for the Christmas season, wrapping presents defiantly should! Put on some Christmas musis, put a Christmas candle on and a festive drink! B5D7ACCD-99DA-4F99-93F6-E60897808914
  4. Catch up with friends and family over a festive lunch/drink – Christmas is all about spending time with the people who mean the most to you, what better time for a catch up over a Christmas Costa or a Christmas lunch at your local pub
  5. Enjoy some Festive activities – throughout winter there are LOADS of activities or things to do! Some ideas could include: Winter Wonderland, Christmas markets, Light switch on, Christmas jumper day, all the celebrations at Church, even any traditions your family may have! Embrace them!
  6. Get baking! – This is the perfect time of year to stay warm by baking some festive treats! Try making your own Mince Pies, Gingerbread men, Sausage rolls. Or something a little different this year, Bri and Cranberry bites, Bri ans Bacon bites, festive cupcakes, the choices are endless. This will leave your house smelling and feeling warm and festive as well!


Until next time,




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