Discovering the benefits of yoga

Many people have heard of the benefits of yoga for destressing and improving your range of motion and flexibility within your body. For several years now I have tried to get into yoga and until recently have always hated every class I’ve attended, and have come out feeling even more stressed and tense.

Through working in a gym I was lucky enough to meet this lady who completely changed my views and made me enjoy and feel the benefits of yoga! Shelley is a different style of instructor where every class is tailored to everyone’s individual needs while still being very fun and relaxing (most of the time🙄). There is less concentration on your breathing (the main reason I have hated most of the classes I have attended) with a focus on the different movements and how your body feels with each exercise.

Is Yoga for you?

Yoga is for everyone of all ages, abilities and fitness levels, whether your looking to do this to keep your stress levels low, to improve your stability and flexibility or simply because you enjoy it everyone could use some time for themselves to heal their tension and feel better about themselves.

How Yoga benefits me?

Since meeting Shelley I have started doing some yoga and stretching videos at home in my spare time, I find that this really helps to loosen my muscles especially when I train a lot of strength work and have a lot of stress in my body from over working, weights and fitting in time for my degree. Not only does this help with the tension in my body but also helps me to relax mentally to concentrate better on each of my tasks.

The videos I follow at home are from a Duo called ‘Fitness Blender’, there are hundreds of workout and stretching videos online for anyone to follow and they really do work!

If like me, you aren’t too sure if yoga if for you I would recommend trying a class called ‘body balance’, this class is a routine with a mix of yoga, tai-chi and strengthening exercises. This is also a great way to relieve any tension in your body without the feeling of being in a yoga class while strengthens all the different muscle groups in your body!

I would really recommend trying out some of these! I will leave the links to Shelley’s website and the Fitness Blender YouTube page below!


Fitness Blender


Until next time,


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