Preparing for Black Friday

On 23rd November it is one of the biggest shopping sales events of the year, BLACK FRIDAY! Yes Black Friday is fast approaching where the majority of people will spend hundreds on buying all their Christmas presents and treating themselves to new goodies they probably wouldn’t have brought if it wasn’t on sale. Here are a few tips I like to use to make the most out of Black Friday!

1. Allocate a budget!

Allocate yourself a budget that you can afford to spend, doing this will help to prevent over spending and buying the items you want the most. Many items (shoes, clothes, household items) will be available at more than one place, shop around all these places to find yourself the best deals.

2. Plan what you want to buy before the sale arrives!

Having a list of items and shops/websites you want to buy will also help to keep within your budget. Often when there is a big in-store/ online sale it can be easy to add in many extra items into your basket just because they are cheaper! But did you actually want that item? I find the best way is to go online and create a shopping basket before the sale event has started. By doing this I know what products I want and can re-add them into my basket at the lower sale price, or dont buy them if they are not discounted.

3. Who are you shopping for? 

This weekend is a great time to buy friends and family Christmas presents or to stock up on items you use throughout the year. If you know who you are buying for, you can tailor the shops you visit to suit them the most. Most retailers now will do a sale in store and online, there may be a different in products available and the prices between these two so make sure you find out this first! If you regularly use products that you have to repurchase throughout the year, this could be a good opportunity to stock up while the price is lower and save yourself having to buy these items again for longer.

4. Are you going into the shops or staying online? 

Some people prefer to go shopping online and some prefer to go into the store. I have never been to the actual shops on Black Friday to know how busy these will get and how heavily discounted every item will be,however if this is your preferred method, be prepared for the shops, especially the main shopping centres in busy cities, to be PACKED! This might not be the most fun for some or convenient for others. My suggestion would be to try any items on in the store you may want to buy for the correct sizing then purchase online, this is a much quicker and easier way of buying I find and the delivery option can often be next day too!

Happy Shopping! 🛍

Until next time,


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