Testing out Herbalife breakfast

Recently through Instagram I was messaged about testing out some products from a company. Often when this happens it involves you having to spend a couple hundred pounds on the companies products just to get a 20% discount code to share with others, to promote their company. The problem I have with this is it’s always a company I have either never heard of or have never used their products. I don’t believe in working with a company or promoting products I personally would not use or trust.

When I was approached about testing out these products I did not know who the company they were working with was, I was just asked to try out a FREE 6 day trial with the breakfast shakes and tea. This is what got me interested, a company that lets you fully try out their products to see how you get on with them and like the, before you have to spend loads of money on them.

When I found out the company they were working for was Herbalife, I will admit I didn’t think the products would work or I would like them as I have never trusted anyone who has promoted these products before. After several conversations about the products and the company I agreed to try them out and I’m SO GLAD I DID!!! 

16E041EF-AA94-4A6A-899F-5B9BF7075097.jpeg From this pack there are 6 breakfast shakes all with their nutritional information provided and 2 samples of the tea, there are 3 flavours of cookies and cream and 3 of vanilla in the pack i received.


The Shakes


I have a very sweet tooth and Cookies and cream flavour for a few months now has been my favourite flavour of anything, this shake did not disappoint at all! If you have a sweet tooth like me you will love the taste of this! To blend the formula I like to put it into a shaker bottle and fill it up with soya or almond milk (This is my preference but the nutritional information provided is based on semi-skimmed milk), simply shake this up and its ready. The cookies and cream flavour have lots of little soft chocolate chunks. While these are in the breakfast pack I would recommend having these as your ‘evening meal’ as well to stop those sweet cravings and stop you wanting to eat anything.

What I love about these the most is they dont make you feel full in a way you feel slightly bloated or sluggish and sleepy after and how easy they are to digest! This is really important to me as I struggle with digestion with a lot of foods and bloating very easily.

The Vanilla flavour also has a lot of flavour with exactly the same benefits. I have tried out many vanilla flavoured products and this defiantly is one of the better ones for the flavour. I honestly could not Fault these products at all!

The tea

I have got the original flavour with this pack, I wasn’t the biggest fan of this however as with the shake I could feel the benefits of it straight away and I didn’t have any digestion problems drinking this either. These teas come in a few flavours to choose from including; original, lemon, peach and raspberry. I would personally drink the peach flavour if I was to have this again however this all depends on your taste preference. These only contain 6cal per drink which is incredible, along with 85mg of caffeine!


The Nutritional Information

The information provided on the back off every pack is very clear to understand and what ingredients are used. This is made up of 40% soya protein which I personally prefer  as it is a lot more natural and easier I find to digest. D0A02430-DCC5-417A-A999-CACC2158D979.jpeg


Would I use again?

Simply, yes I would! Apart from how much I enjoy drinking these and the benefits of them they are incredibly useful to take with me on busy days where I may not have time for an actual meal. These help to stop excess eating especially of treats I might otherwise have reached for throughout the day or night.

For anymore information on the products I have tried leave me a message or test it out for yourself!


*Disclaimer* all these views are my own and I have not been asked to review these products, simply just try them.


Until next time,



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