Studying with The Open University

Around this time is when most students will either be starting their first year of university and preparing to faced the ‘freshers flu’ or going back to continue with their modules. Some of you may be starting to look around different universities to decide where you want to study in the next couple of years. For many of us going to university is just as much about the experience as it is the course and the degree.

In year 11 and 12 I had my heart set on going to study in America to complete my degree. The course I wanted to study was a choice between psychology and law or physiotherapy/ chiropractic. Towards the end of year 12 I had to make the decision to quit school and go for an apprenticeship instead. While I love the idea or apprenticeships and would highly recommend them for students who know what career they want, I still always wanted to go to university and get a degree.

During my apprenticeship my mum started studying for her degree through the Open Univerity doing International Relations. She LOVED it!! Admittedly none of our family were keen on her doing this and didn’t really see the point in doing it however, after speaking to her about her course several times and knowing how much I really wished I could have gone to university, I decided to look further into the Open Univerity and the courses myself.

The Open University have LOADS of great courses anyone can study! This gave me the opportunity to do a double course in Psychology and Law with a main aspect being criminal psychology. This is a course I really wanted to do and learn about, and some thing I recon I would really have enjoyed and been good at (anyone else addicted to the program How to get away with murder?). I strongly believe if you are going to go to Univerity and spend all that money on a course it should be one that you are going to have a career in. Because of that I decided to study Business and Management.

Studying through the Open University provides people of any age and academic abilities the opportunity to gain a higher qualification around their lifestyle. This means I am still able to earn a full income and continue with my other hobbies while studying with a much lower student loan. While many believe this is much harder as all of the modules and course materials are self-taught and you never really get to meet your tutor or have much interaction with them, its the perfect alternative for parents, those working full time, anyone who enjoys learning of those like me who couldn’t do university the traditional way.

If you are, or know someone who wants to study but cant go to a traditional university have a look on their website and see if you can benefit from this too!


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4 thoughts on “Studying with The Open University”

  1. This is so interesting! I am doing my GCSEs at the moment and I have to think about what A levels I want to do and which Uni I want to go to using those A levels and it is comforting that I could do my degree at the same time as having a full time job! Thanks for posting 😀
    -Poppy ❤ ❤ ❤

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    1. You can even transfer to uni full time from going here, i was going to do this and know a couple people who have because they felt as if they missed out on the experience. It’s defiantly doable though working full time and studying and for a lot cheaper

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      1. Oh that’s so interesting! I didn’t know you could transfer to Uni full time from the open university. Definitely going to consider doing that 🙂 Thanks for replying to my comment 😀 xxx
        -Poppy ❤ ❤ ❤

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