The importance of sleep

Having been very busy recently with having 2 jobs, writing my final assignments for my first year at university, and still trying to keep my fitness levels improving while having somewhat or a social life, you could say my body has been a little deprived of sleep.

As a fitness lifestyle advocate I am constantly telling people the importance of rest on their body when they tell me how stressed out they are and tired all the time. These increased stress levels put an added strain on your body and increase health risks such as high blood pressure, a weakened immune system, higher risk of heart attacks and fertility problems, tense muscles and many more.

While sleeping isn’t the only way to reduce stress it has many benefits to your mental, physical health and your quality of life which many people do not realize! sleep cartoon.png During your sleep your body is able to repair any torn muscle tissue, blood vessels and balance your hormones. While you’re sleeping your metabolism will continue to work, at a slower rate, for some people who find it takes their body a while to digest their food properly (like myself) this can allow your body to catch up and feel less bloated in the morning.

People who are sleep deprived will often find themselves with a feeling of hunger, this is due to a hormone imbalance of ghrelin (the feeling of hunger) and Leptin (The feeling of being full).

How well your body is rested can also affect your abilities to learn, make decisions and how well you can finish a task, these are all essential in most peoples daily life. With schools and universities going back in the next couple of weeks, looking after your body through rest and sleep will be vital to perform at people’s best!

There are many other health and wellness factors relating to sleep and rest on your body, but for now, consider these different factors and how much sleep you are getting regularly!


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