Put yourself first

Putting others people feelings, wishes and needs before your own is a selfless act we are all encouraged to do, it helps to open your mind to new ways of thinking and understanding other people. This is GREAT to do! Sometimes when we do this enough we can forget to understand our own situations and feelings in life. Your own personal needs and wishes get pushed to the back to the point they are almost forgotten about.

Often when you do this, you may find yourself on a downwards slope, from your feelings and attitude towards your friends and life or how you feel about yourself as a person. This can be a hard cycle to get out of if you don’t realize it is caused by not looking after your own well being.  Sometimes this an can be difficult to do as your situation may involve multiple people whom changing your attitude could affect. It could be where you work, your school, being around the wrong friends or even your family.

To start making a change to feel better as a person about yourself and your situation is to think about what is causing you to not look after your own happiness and can it be avoided? This could involve leaving school or quitting your job. These are hard decisions to make, both of which I have had to make myself when I realized I needed to put myself first, before thinking what other people would want me to do.

Follow what makes you happy, your wishes and your dreams. Those who really love you and want the best from you will support your decisions to being a happier and more fulfilled person.


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