Diet or lifestyle choice?

With summer fast approaching and gyms offering those ‘transformation’ packages to get that summer body you desperately want to look cute on holiday, people (mainly girls) will think about dieting. Dieting can be quite a controversial topic, especially if you are wanting to crash diet. Many will often turn to Instagram models or fitness models to gain inspiration for their body goals, or look through hundreds of YouTube videos of people who lost 30lb in 2 months *DO NOT DO THIS*

So you’ve decided you want to tone up a little for the typical British summer where everyone starts stripping off at the first glance of sun, but you don’t know the best or the fastest way to get there. Now I am not a qualified nutritionist, or personal trainer but throughout my love for fitness and yes my love for food I have learnt some tips which work for everyone!

Firstly you need to decide why you are doing this and what you actually want to change? Do you want to lose weight? Gain lean muscle? Grow certain areas? Or look the best version of YOU! Without knowing what your goals are, both short term and long term, this will be very difficult for you to start or continue your journey. Going to the gym or doing exercise is the easy bit, once you’ve started it will soon become routine to continue and progress. This progression will become motivation for you to keep going, keep improving, trying new exercises or machines. But the hard part is the diet. Now diet does not have to mean cutting our calories, taking away all of the fats or carbs that we enjoy and trade them for chicken and vegetables every day. Those who use low cab/low fat diets will often be for a specific reason which will only last a short period of time i.e. if they are prepping for a competition and this is their chosen method which has been carefully planned out by those qualified.

The main question I will ask people when they ask me for advice or tell me what they are planning on doing to make changes is fast is, ‘is it sustainable?‘ Often the answer to this is no, this is where you need to be realistic with your goals. While some people maybe able to make such dramatic changes to get results fast it needs to work for YOU and your LIFESTYLE. If you are wanting to reduce your sugar and are currently drinking 2L of Pepsi a day and eating lots of sweets, is cutting all of this out sustainable and realistic? Probably not. This is where it needs to become a lifestyle choice. Instead of cutting everything out completely you need to reduce your intake over time, start by having maybe just 1L of Pepsi a day and only a a couple of treats at night. From this you can then move to having just a sugary drink once or twice a week and leaving your treats for when you really want them. By doing it this way you are still able to enjoy all the things you love but in moderation, this will also help to train your body and your mind to not need them as much. By doing this throughout your diet, you will be able to achieve a sustainable diet which you enjoy!

People who tend to diet hard will often find themselves craving the foods they are used to eating or are not allowing themselves to eat, you need to enjoy what you are eating! Yes there are healthier options but if you’ve worked hard all week with your diet and exercise choices and you are now craving a pizza with wine, have it!!! When your body is used to eating such clean foods every day, eating a cheat meal will actually shock your body, this will often result in your metabolism boosting and more calories/fat being burnt.

If you are looking for a quick fix and you choose to go on an extreme diet while upping your exercise significantly, this will work for a short term or until you burn out. When you start to go back to eating properly again most will find their weight or body fat will come back faster than they lost it, this is because it is not sustainable and can be quite dangerous to your health. Find something that works for you and that you enjoy!

For those of you wondering; 1g of Fat = 9 Calories however your body does also need some sources of fats to burn fats. To lose weight the basic rule is to be in a calorific deficit, it is slightly more complicated than this as you want to preserve muscle mass but essentially you need to be burning more calories than you are consuming!

If you are looking to make a change to your diet or exercise routine, even if it is just for that summer body, make it a lifestyle change and not just a quick fix diet!



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